Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Dog Ate My Homework!

Oh my! Having a puppy can be challenging at times. Charlie now is "house broken" and thanks be to God for that, but he still loves to jump onto my chair to get on top my desk and "explore" the many interesting and wonderful things that abound there. As a result, he has trained me to push my chair under the desk each time I get up. What I had not anticipated is he would figure out how to go under my desk, push my chair out and jump up on it and then onto my desk. Here is the result! My card from the OWH sketch challenge on Sunday is in ruin! But boy puppies will be boy puppies! He really does have a thing for paper - hmmmm - wonder where he got that from!

Not a great picture, but what does it matter?

Good thing he is soooo cute and I love him soooo much! 


Hope your week is being wonderful! Blessings,


  1. LOL! Well, it would be a great card for someone who is married {missing their "other half"...LOL}! It's still pretty, nonetheless, and your doggie IS a cutie...LOL!

  2. Ohhhhh nooo, LOL! He is cute though and you can at least salvage that fabulous butterfly I bet.

  3. aww rats!! what a gorgeous card! (he says he's sowwy)

  4. Louise, that butterfly is sooooo gorgeous! I am glad you kept the background soft, so we can see its beauty. THanks for joining Speedy's Friends this week!

  5. lol, and he's smiling at you too :)

    Beautiful card for our MWT challenge this week too Louise!

  6. How cute! He looks like he knows exactly what you are talking about! LOLOL TFS


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