Sunday, July 24, 2011


Oh my. I went from the Mid-week Throwdown for Operation Write Home to being "Missing in Action" with a one month absence. Sorry everyone! My husband's brother/MIL's son, Jerry, passed away very unexpectedly. We just returned home after a trip to Colorado to be with his wife and family. The toll it has taken on Mom is not describable, especially physically. Her ability to walk, which was pretty darn great at 95 years of age, has diminished considerably. I think that being home and back to her old routine and schedule will help a lot, but it will take quite a bit of time I think for her to recover. The funeral service was quite beautiful and I was reminded in a very positive way, how very precious each day is and that it is a gift. One lighter note - Jerry was a great cook and he and a team of people would cook a dinner for about 200 people every Wednesday night given at his church for anyone who wanted to come. He had just baked a huge batch of Peanut Butter Cookies and froze them for one of those dinners and it was one of the things served at his reception! How special to enjoy one last thing made by our dear Jerry. We miss you.

I am still going to need a bit of time before blogging and crafting again to get things back in order here and, as well, rest a little myself! Don't give up on me - I shall return.

This one is for you Jerry.