Saturday, April 17, 2010


I was thinking this morning that this is a simple and quick notecard for those of us who make them, but it may end up being something so special to the person receiving it. I think this came out of reading the April 15th post in the OWH Homefront Blog ( which in part read, "One thing we do know is that twice, we've received a note from a family member, telling us that one of our cards was the final piece of communication they had with their loved one's handwriting." Anyone who has lost someone they love, can relate so well to this statement! I keep my Dad's keys from 1978 in the stamping drawer on my desk that I go into most often.

And this is a very simple notecard. It is a new image (for me) that came from The Digi Shack. I very much like digital stamps - they are so versatile because they can be sized to precisely fit the your die cut or the area of your design you want to place it in. The only minor drawback is if you want to put the image on a die-cut - then you must print it first and then cut it out, which is a much more labor intensive process than stamping a die cut with my stamp positioning tool - the Stamp-a-ma-jig. If you have never seen one, Stamp TV ( has a really great tutorial by Gina K which will allow you to see the many benefits of using one.

I don't have a card recipe for you today, because I made this from odds n ends, i.e., the olive green paper is leftover from my daughter's wedding, and I have had the corner "Peel Offs" for so long who knows where I got them.

Blessings on your day. I'm off to take care of the day's "must do" activities so I can get back to stamping for my heros!

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  1. You may call it simple, but I am going to say it is elegant and gorgeous! I love your creations!!! Thanks for always sharing.


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