Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I hope as I write this blog entry that all who read it will feel in their heart the "spirit" of what I am writing. My husband, Chuck, and I take care of his Mom who was born in 1916 (she will be 94 in June)! In talking to her about what life was like during World War II, I found out that while Pop (her husband of 70 years when he passed away) was overseas fighting, she was an honest to goodness "Rosie the Riveter"! She felt that it was important, that it was her duty, to do what could be done to support the war effort, her husband, and all the soldiers who were giving their lives for freedom and our way of life! Some things do not change no matter how much time passes - today we are at war and there are still soldiers who are giving their lives to protect our way of life!

I know realistically I can't be a Rosie the Riveter the way Mom was, so I asked myself what I could do to make a real difference in this war and in the lives of those who are fighting! My answer was making cards for Operation Write Home. It doesn't have to be something so big it is worthy of the national news - it just has to make a difference in one person's life. About six weeks after I had sent my first cards to OWH, I received an email from a hero in Afghanistan thanking me for my card (my name and email were on the back). He explained that his wife was having their first child in about three weeks and how much it meant to him to have a beautiful card to send to her since he would not be present for the delivery. I can only imagine how she might treasure the card that came from her husband - maybe she might keep it so that when her child asked about where Daddy was when he/she was born, Mom would go to that treasure box that every woman has, and remove the card for her child to see. I have not received any communication from a soldier or family member since. I think I was just intended to have the realization that, yes, it does matter and it does make a difference!

Perhaps the person that will receive the most joy is the card-maker herself. I know I have received enjoyment and made new friends by participating in ways that I am able with OWH.

I hope that you might make a few minutes to make a few cards between now and May 10th to enter for the Make Somebody's Day Challenge! Oh, that we all might receive joy (and blog candy) from being a "Modern Day Rosie the Riveter". Just click on the icon above and to the right for all the details. Wishing you all blessings,


  1. Louise,
    Those are two very heartwarming stories that you have shared and I am so pleased to have you as my dear friend.
    Besides, you are very talented in your handmade cards and as I've said for year - Place a smile on someone's face, send them a handmade card! I'm pleased that I've lived by that saying for close to 15 years now and we both are placing smiles through OWH!

  2. Well said Louise!! Thanks for sharing this story!!
    Sarah :)

  3. My Mom was a Rosie also, working in Detroit in the airplane plant. She & her brothers & sisters moved to Detroit from Harvey, North Dakota. I also make cards for OWH, but really never thought of the connection until I saw your post today. By the way thanks for making all those cards from our posts on the OWH Blog Hop. You rock Rosie!


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